Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaf Art

Last Sunday we went on a family Leaf Walk! Buddy rode on daddy's shoulders to get the leafs that were high up and B-Bop hunted for the ones down low. We got them out today and the kids made leaf pictures. Buddy didn't want his glued down...he wanted to be able to make multiple pictures using the same leafs. This is one of many pictures he made, it is a T-Rex (he also made a lizard and a bat)... B-Bop used glitter glue and made this scene...
It is a tree in the middle, with a turtle in the lower left corner, and a tree on the right that has lost it's last leaf! She added a couple of little glitter clouds in each top corner:)

BTW, we put the Spelling City website to work today and it did wonders for B-Bop's Spelling Assessment!


Betsy said...

Okay I was having a blonde moment but I was like who is Buddy. I could only think of my mom's poodles.

Dana said...

I've been wanting to do 'something' with all the beautifully colored leaves we have around our place but hadn't come up with 'what'. Thanks for the idea.

Happy Halloween!
~Dana @ The Sunny Side

Shannon said...

I haven't done this yet, but thanks for the reminder... did you do leaf rubbings too? Also a fun activity for all ages!!!