Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Day With Grandpa!

B-Bop had the opportunity to spend the day with Grandpa yesterday. We happen to pass him on the street and he stopped and asked what B-Bop had going today. We told him that we were just headed home to start school. He asked if she would like to go with him to the bird refuge. She has done this type of thing with him before and thoroughly enjoyed it! Grandpa is a professional wildlife photographer and very knowledgeable about wildlife. I had the privilege of going on many trips like this as a child and they are priceless. In the past she has come home just full of information about birds and other animals. So we quickly packed up some snacks, grabbed her hiking boots, and a jacket and off they went! They left around 10:00am and returned at about 10:00pm! She took her drawing pad with her and sketched several pictures to tell us all about her adventure when she returned home. It was full of sketches of geese, turkey tracks, deer, a puppy, and the city they passed through! Most importantly she got to spend the day with the man I grew up with admiring and loving so much...it doesn't get much better than that!


http://www.spellingcity.com/ At this website you can enter your child's spelling words for the week and they can play games, practice spelling, and take practice tests using their own spelling words!


Dana said...

I'm glad I could help, Aly! I see we have kids the same ages and using the same curriculum. It will be fun to see what you are working on and where our paths cross. I will check back again.

Have fun!
~Dana @ The Sunny Side

The Harding Hive said...

Oh Aly, I can't wait to read more of this blog. What a great idea! I have some friends from my old ward who do the same curriculum home schooling program that you do. I think you all are incredible!!! I am anxious to learn more about it.

Panamenos said...

i checked out that spelling city site. it's pretty cute. i may have a few of my students try it out and see what they think.

you might also like puzzlemaker.com it is a similar concept. (i'll just give a sidenote that i haven't used it in at least 2 years but i liked it when i used it.)

what a great day with her grandpa!

what a cool idea to do this kind of blog. you really are amazing.

The Bach 9! said...

I will let the kids check that out today. Great idea!! Love your new schooling blog!

Betsy said...

How fun for Annie... Another resource you can mine for her is Grandpa Dickson. He still knows and loves history..