Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spelling Fun!

In talking to a very good friend of mine (that just so happens to be a 3rd grade teacher), I was voicing my concerns with the amount of writing that seems to go on with our 3rd grade Language Arts. She mentioned that with all of that required writing, one of the areas that we can take a break from it is Spelling practice! There are so many fun ways to practice spelling words...and we can put that paper and pencil away for a minute! Thanks for the reminder Jenny! Today we used shaving cream and fingers!!!


Panamenos said...

Ah, one of my students' favorite ways to practice...I'll have to do that soon. So glad that some of my ideas were helpful. I'm excited for your little book club... I wish Michelle was old enough to participate. Maybe when she gets a little bigger, I'll have to do one with kids her age. We'll see.

Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

Hi Aly. J is so excited about starting 3rd grade LA but now, knowing there's a lot of writing, I'm afraid he's going to be rather disappointed. I think I'll just keep that little bit of information to myself ;) Thanks for the helpful hint!