Monday, January 12, 2009

Poems and Experiments!

We have had a full day of lessons in every subject today! B-Bop spent the morning writing and memorizing her poem for the upcoming Zoo-etry Festival!! They are supposed to either memorize one from a book or they can write their own and memorize it to recite at the festival! The theme is Zoo-etry so it needs to involve animals in one way or another. Part of our Language Arts curriculum involves public speaking skills...this has been a great way to incorporate that! Her poem turned out so cute...

Dog Food vs. Ice Cream
by B-Bop

Ice cream oh, ice cream
you are so sweet!
All flavors and toppings,
complete my favorite treat!

My furry dog Chewy,
this sweat treat he shall not eat.
Biscuits and dog bones and stinky dog food,
are the only things dogs can eat!
Eating toys and shoes and slippers so rude!
He needs to learn manners,
that crazy furry dude!

I'll stick with ice cream,
and he with his bones!
Together we'll dream,
of giant ice cream cones!

This afternoon we dove into our Language Arts lesson. B-Bop read a non-fiction article on how animals are suited for the environment in which they live. She learned how to compare and contrast . We learned about Camels in the Sahara desert and Polar Bears at the North Pole! To better demonstrate how they are suited for their environment we did this little experiment....

First we put a rubber glove on one of her hands and covered it in Crisco...
Then we filled two bowls with ice water and had her put her hands down into the water...
That hand on the right only spent a couple of seconds in the water!...
The one on the left was able to stay in for a couple of minutes!! The glove represented the Polar Bears skin and the Crisco was the bears layer of fat. She is really glad that she doesn't have to dive into the freezing cold ocean to get her food!


Panamenos said...

Wow! What a great poem. I am so impressed. She wrote a better poem than I can (I know... I've tried!) Way to go, B-Bop!

Shannon said...

Love THAT poem! And what a COOL experiment! LOVE it! You do such amazing things with her!

Robyn said...'ve amazed me again. I'll have to try that experiment with my 'lil one. He'd love it! Yay for B-Bop!

ali said...

Wow Aly, how did I miss that you had this awesome school blog? It ROCKS! Or, rather YOU do!

I loved the poem. Wish we could have seen her give it - we went to the Zoo-etry in Sandy.

Great job B-Bop!

Rachel said...